PornGoreGrind WorldWide Compilation Vol. 3 (2023)

Ball Games

PornGoreGrind WorldWide Compilation Vol. 2 (2022)

I Ain’t Like The Other Guys – I’m Worse

Muddy Swamp Records - Ten Times Terror Vol. III (2022)

Titty City

Morbid Generation - The Last Gore And Testament Of Rompeprop (2022)

Horror Whorehouse

GooNz Mixtape (Vol.5) - Legion Of GooN (2022)

Girls Watch Porn

Lesbian Zombies From Outer Space Compilation Volume 1 (2021)

Sucking Dick Is Her Destiny

Porngoregrind Worldwide Compilation Vol. 1 (2021)

Sucking Dick Is Her Destiny

Sick Musik To Your Guts - Compilation Vol. 4 (2020)

Anal Apocalypse Now

Muddy Swamp Records - Ten Times Terror (2020)

Easy Girls

Sexual Pleasure In Latex & Orgasm For Genital Torture (2019)

Get On My Dick, Not On My Nerves
Ungehemmt im Unterhemd

Tribute to TxPxFx / Pigtails (2019)

EatCumPlas (Pigtails Cover)

Valengrind’s Day Massacre Vol. 1 (2019)

You Can’t Go Wrong With Porn

Skitnaste Noise – Noise ist Krieg IV (2018)

Have A Seat On My Meat

Porn Not Politics Compilation (2018)

Oral Etiquette

Necrosoft Records – A Tribute To 2 Minuta Dreka (2017)

Semen Demon (2 Minuta Dreka Cover)

Sounds Of A Good Spank – Tribute To: Libido Airbag (2017)

Swallowed By Thy Cunt (Libido Airbag Cover)

Skitnaste Noise – Nutcracker – A Anti Xmas Compilation (2017)

Santa Knows Where All The Naughty Girls Live

Skitnaste Noise – Death And Defecation (2017)

6969 Penetration Avenue
Brutal Sloppy Facefuck

Skull Dungeon – FaGG Allin Tribute (2016)

Suck It You Slut (GG Allin Cover)

Gore Art Records – Dismemberment Prostitutes (2016)

Face Cum Experience

Skull Dungeon – Skull Dungeon Cacofonia Compilation (2016)

You Are A Slut

Metalfile - Cookbook Cadaver (2015)

Gail Swallows And Your Girlfriend Should Too

TornFleshRecords – Insufferable Noise (2015)

Money Talks

BlackScarsRecords – 8 1/2 Way-Split-Tage (2010)

Fun Cum
Cum On Your Face

Histoplasmosis Records – Drenched In Piss (2010)

OMG Your Penis Pees On Me

Torn Flesh Records – Tunnel To The Underground Vol. 666 – Chapter 6 (2010)

Technical Virgin

Monster Under My Bed Records – Sticky Dreams 3 – Santa’s Majic Sack (2010)

Sperm Face

Kill Inc. Records – Human Defecation (2010)

Gagged, Bound And Helpless

Monster Under My Bed Records – Sticky Dreams 2: The Soggy Biscuit (2010)

Cunt Busting Challenge

BlackEarth Records – Fuck Your Face And The Skull It Came In On (2010)

Dinosaur Penis

Torn Flesh Records Presents Vestigial Sickness (2010)

Fresh Meat In The Convent
China Vagina

Sticky Dreams (Sphinkta Spit /// Monsters Under My Bed Records) (2010)

Mommys Little Whore

Torn Flesh Records – Discordant Sounds From The Dead (2010)

I Will Rape You For Your Pleasure
The Long Snake

Goreruption – Gory Porno Party 11-Way Split (Compilation) (2009)

Date With A Chainsaw
Blood Rage
Whats Up Pussy?
Masturbating Zombie
More Cock Hurts

Aquitania Grindcore Mafia – Tribute To Anal Infections (Compilation) (2009)

Just A Fucking Bitch

Torn Flesh Records – Dissertation Of A Dissection – Chapter One (Compilation) (2009)

Shining Pussy

Torn Flesh Records – We All Die – Vol. 13 (Compilation) (2009)


Hate Team Sampler (2009)

Human Meat

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