2 Ways 2 Torture

Vaginal Cadaver

1. Schwanzwaldklinik
2. Ball Games
3. Head Nurse
4. Sexual Habits
5. Thick Thighs Save Lives
6. Eating Ain’t Cheating


7. Ica Stones
8. Kali Yuga
9. Terra Forming
10. Schlangengötter des Kosmos
11. Zeta Reticuli
12. The Ruwa Incident

Monsters Of Porn Vol. 1

World Hate Center

1. Dolls Of War
2. The Balls Of Cliff Banger

Anal Fistfuckers

3. Spermaablage
4. Wer aussieht wie eine Nutte, kann auch rumlaufen wie eine Nutte
5. Hausmeisterschwänze sind Männerschwänze
6. Spermaschluckendes Ungeheuer

Orgasma Plasma

7. We’ll Fight With Everything We Have
8. The Purpose Of War Is Peace
9. This, Then, Is War

Vaginal Cadaver

10. Die Würde des Mannes ist unten tastbar
11. Eine Frau macht die Beine breit, wenn’s Geld und Immobilien schneit
12.  Motherfucker Is My Job Title
13. Das Schlimmste ist, wenn die Fotze wieder trocken ist
14. In Porn We Trust

Porno Fart

15. Captain Censorship
16. El Polvo De La Muerte

Clunge Gunge

17. 2 Songs About Gastric Distress
18. Tinfoil Twat
19. 4 Songs About Urinary Infections
20. Horrifying Clown Interruption

Pungent Alien Sex Dungeon

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1. Testicular Holocaust
2. Smooth Jizz
3. Pedo-Stabber
4. Nuri Took My Job

Transorbital Piss Orgy

5. Alien AIDS Infested Retirement Home Sex Party
6. Abhorrent Abuses Of The Venusian Dead (ft Nik The Pig from Vaginal Cadaver)
7. Left Her Vulva On Venus (ft David Amiramov from Go Gonad_Alien Fucker)

Vaginal Cadaver

8. Weapons Of Ass Destruction
9. A Cockwork Orange
10. Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, All My Dirty Thoughts Involve Me And You

Killer Klown

11. Klownzilla
12. Insaniac
13. Last Days Of Klowns

All Stars GangBang

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Vaginal Cadaver 

1. Hatefuck Love Story
2. Porn Has Ruined Her Dreams
3. Pussy Voorhes (feat. Pustule)


4. Pot Immersed In Orgy Fluids
5. Gang Bang Fetish
6. Got Spacial Aids On An Alien Gang Bang

Orgía Pamdemica 2​​.​​0 El Rebrote

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Abdominal Decomposure

1. Pulmonary Dysfunktion
2. Climical Spasm
3. Enema Ecstasy
4. Pussy Is A Not Problem


5. Eat Wank Sleep
6. Non Ce N’è
7. OMS (Orden More Sextoys)
8. Project Mentana
9. The Curfew Exhibisionist

Vaginal Cadaver 

10. Blowjob For Breakfast
11. Sucking Dick Is Her Destiny
12. Lesbians Don’t Cook, They Just Eat Out
13. Jerking And Working
14. Fuck Bitches Is Just Another Hobby


15. Introducción De Vrg… Digo Vacuna
16. Covidiotas
17. Cock Big 19 (Inch)
18. Orgía Pamdemica 2
19. Que Nos Cargué La Chingada De Una Vez

I Fucked A Rabbit, Dagnabbit! (6 Fables Of Porn & Gore)

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1. Cock Is Train,Butt Is Rail (feat. Dilson Xavier)
2. Twerkobsexion
3. Encajame El Tacon (Putrid Cunt Cover)
4. Mondo Bastardo

Menstrual Cocktail

5. Cock’n’Cola
6. Gay Bear Beerapist Swollen Stung Cock
7. Fortune Telling Diarrhea Debris
8. Ladies & Gentlemen (Krastavi Kucheta Cover)

Vaginal Cadaver 

9. Suck My Cock, So I Can Enjoy Some Minutes Of Silence
10. It’s Not Cheating If You Wear A Condom
11. Sex Is Dangerous, You Can Get Chlamydia Or Even Worse – A Relationship

Porno Fart

12. Gonorrea Cero
13. Beauty Yessica (feat. Alen from Gonzo)
14. Asfixia Erótica (Parafilia Grotesca Cover)
15. Ardor A La Salida!


16. Sucked Off On St. Patrick’s Day
17. Michael Myers Was A Pornstar
18. Your Crush Fucked Me in The School Restroom
19. Cunt-Habibi

Transorbital Piss Orgy

20. Crashing A Phallic Shaped Rocketship Into Uranus
21. Watching Space Bitches Quaff Alien Jizz Whilst Performing Aerial Sexorcisms With Jason David Frank
22. Rape-The Final Front-Rear

Masters Of The Obscene

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Porno Fart

1. XXXCall
2. Cripple In The Middle
3. Bienvenido Al Infierno
4. Chicha Drunken Party
5. 15 Segundos O Menos
6. Driving Safe After Fucking A Ugly Fucking Bastard With A Nasty Face
7. Diarrhea Monster Assault (Diarrhea Monster Chronicles Pt.1)
8. Pigminator Vs Diarrhea Monster (Diarrhea Monster Chronicles Pt.2)
9. This Is Not The Final Shitty Confrontation (Diarrhea Monster Chronicles Pt.3)
10. Delirio De Exterminio
11. PervertVision (New Version)
12. Happy Thresome With 2 Happy Girls (New Version)
13. Cum Brulée (Holy Cost Cover)

Vaginal Cadaver

14. Vaginal Carnival
15. Wenn der Mund zu voll wird, einfach schneller schlucken
16. Girls Just Wanna Suck Cocks
17. Suck My Cock For Money
18. A Girls Work Is Never Done
19. Dressed For One Thing – Fucking
20. I Have A Dick And I Must Fuck
21. If She Proposed To You, You Know You Have The Biggest Penis Of All Your Friends
22. Respect For The Man In The Bang Bus Van
23. Double Anal Battle
24. Erziehung der Frau ist wichtig und richtig
25. Buy Pisswasser, It Makes Her Pretty Again
26. Porngrind Kings

4 Analovers​

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Tu Culo

1. Dilatando Ano Pedorro
2. Gárgaras De Semen
3. Cagar Pa’dentro
4. Desgarre Anal
5. Prolapso Rectal


6. Intro (Duciendotelo)
7. Culo Con Sueño…
8. La Risa De Un Fundillo
9. Me Suda El Culo
10. Coprolove

Vaginal Cadaver

11. Anal Apocalypse Now
12. Ass To Mouth Makes You Proud
13. Love At First Ass Fuck
14. Analyze Yourself
15. Anal Riot


16. Fístula Anal
17. Ácido Perianal
18. Anal-Gesico
19. Cúpula Anal
20. Diarrea

Damaged, Raped, Dead​

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Vaginal Cadaver

1. Ugly Girls Need Sex Too
2. Cum Soaked Panties
3. Blowjob Dreams
4. First Time – Naughty, Second Time – Nice
5. Sperm Diet
6. Hard Cock Life


7. I Cum On Your Face
8. Cumshot
9. Lectures On Necrophilia


10. Мясник
11. Скотобойня
12. Топор
13. Делириум
14. Тафофобия
15. Некроинверсия

Henker III O.S.T.

Vaginal Cadaver

1. Unwort Des Jahres
2. Fine Piece Of Ass
3. Your Stomach Is My Semen Reservoir
4. High School Girls
5. Tasty Mayonnaise
6. Anal Empire
7. One Night Stand Problem
8. Bukkake Fantasy
9. Drecksfotze
10. Crying Is Not A Save Word
11. Vaginal Autopsy
12. Analstufe Rot
13. Rape Her Gently
14. Glory Hole
15. Screams Of Pleasure

Musica Non Grata

16. Henker III O.S.T.

12 O’Cock​

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Musica Non Grata

1. Drone Inferno
2. Thuringia

Cerebral Enema

3. Baby Pillow Fight
4. Pastor Knabenschreck
5. Am Zoo penetriert, weil vom Amt sanktioniert

Erotic Gore Cunt

6. Vulvacancer For Breakfast
7. I’m In Love With An Elephantitis Girl
8. Incestcontest (Gonorrhea Pussy Cover)
9. The Ultimate EHEC Ejaculation

Anal Fistfuckers

10. Scat Inferno
11. Scat Confession
12. Scat Abuse


13. No
14. Blut
15. Void
16. Lifeless


17. Woman With Balls
18. Sacrificing My Penis For Eternal Virginity

Oral Piss Olympics

19. Augen auf, ich pisse!
20. Im Bann der Pisshuren
21. Und täglich pisst das Murmeltier
22. Wollt ihr das Bett in Pisse sehen
23. O.P.O.lizei
24. Ich bin ein Star – Piss mir ins Maul

Vaginal Cadaver

25. Life Is A Bitch And Then You Marry One
26. Bukkake Cum Magnet
27. Nice Guys Cum First
28. Fuck Her Like You Hate Her


29. Bitch
30. Deep Throat
31. Böse Möse
32. Vaginal Terror
33. Dirty Whore
34. Anal
35. Sexual Ritual

Dead Baby Incest

36. Viva La Incest
37. Sadistic Family Dreams
38. Sadomasochistic Fun
39. The Fritzl Blues
40. Why We Need Feminism


41. Crocodile Drug Abuse
42. Failed Medical Examination
43. Happy Plastic Surgeon
44. Transformation
45. Cerebral Paresis


46. Return To Atlantis

Quadro Penetration​

Cum Book

1. Yo Soy Cachondo
2. Desayuno Vaginal
3. La Eyaculacion Rectal
4. Hitomi Tanaka (You’re A Real Big Boobs Fucker, Japanese Porn Queen)
5. The Arts Of Shibari Kinbaku
6. Lessons In Bondage
7. I Love Bondage Bitches (Because They Are Quiet And Obey)
8. The Pigtailed Fucker (Pigtails Cover)
9. Cumfilled Wonderbra (Libido Airbag Cover)
10. Pussy Bong

Johnny Copro

11. Harvey Weinstein Is My Idol
12. Solzhenitsyn, Lubricant And Enormous Dildo
13. 10 Inch Clit
14. I Have To Fuck Your Grandma
15. Cocaine Is Better Than Kids
16. I Was Scared Shitless While Listening To Angelcorpse
17. Feminist Died Trying To Make Dinner (Feat Zaluppo)
18. Sweet Devastator (Death Metal Rabbits Cover)
19. Kakashi Natashi


20. Night Shift In The Morgue
21. Frontal Lobes
22. Slaughterhouse
23. Ash From The Bones
24. Forest Belts
25. Ripper
26. Death Conveyor
27. Urinotherapy
28. Bombing Cambodia

Vaginal Cadaver

29. 6969 Penetration Avenue
30. Ruined Makeup Is A Sign Of A Proper Fuck
31. Santa Knows Where All The Naughty Girls Live
32. What Your Girl Is Up To When You’re Not Home
33. Gangbang Bukkake Victim
34. Brutal Sloppy Facefuck
35. Oral Etiquette
36. Have A Seat On My Meat

Alle Frauen in deiner Familie sind Nutten!!!​

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Anal Fistfuckers

1. 69 Scat Transfer
2. No Scat No Fuck!!!
3. Scat Bitch Slap
4. Sexismus Gegen Frauen
5. Hobo With A Scatgun
6. Scat Cumshot
7. Scat & Bestiality
8. Scat Porn Fever
9. Fuck You! (Anal Sausages Cover)
10. Scat Girls Dont Say No!
11. Camp Crystal Meth
12. Grindhouse Films O.S.T.
13. Scat, Vomit & Gore

Vaginal Cadaver

14. Executioner Of Virgins
15. Sound Of Body Fluids
16. Crying Is Not A Safe Word
17. Screams Of Pleasure
18. Fisting Unit
19. Let’s Practice Some Biology
20. Gory Hole
21. Vaginal Autopsy
22. Analstufe Rot
23. I’m Not A Gynecologist But I Know A Cunt When I See One

Ryona & Vaginal Cadaver Split​


1. Futa Cock Worship
2. Ryona
3. Satania’s Sickening Secretion

Vaginal Cadaver

4. Ruined Makeup Is A Sign Of A Proper Fuck
5. What Your Girl Is Up To When You’re Not Home
6. Have A Seat On My Meat

GerbeЯ & Vaginal Cadaver Split​


1. Pus Serum
2. Vein Travel
3. Acariasis
4. Supermassive Gangrene
5. Oedema
6. Exsudo Purulentum
7. DxAx

Vaginal Cadaver

8. Exploding Cumshots
9. Tasty Mayonnaise
10. Anal Empire
11. Your Stomach Is My Semen Reservoir
12. Period Blood Girl
13. Rainwater Enema
14. Share My Cock With Your Friend

Vaginal Cadaver & Padagra Split​

Vaginal Cadaver

1. Stepmom’s Fun
2. It’s No Secret That Your Girlfriend Is A Slut
3. Gagging Is Her Passion
4. Lesbian Teen Party
5. Money Talks
6. Clit Stimulation
7. 69 Quiet Little Sluts
8. Plaything For Your Cock Sucking Slut
9. Stewardess Penetration
10. Gag Reflex (feat. Padagra)
11. Devices For Our Entertainment (feat. Padagra)
12. Big Cock Preference (feat. Padagra)
13. Whore With Syphilis (Padagra Cover)


14. Эмбрион разрезал утробие своей матери
15. Выродок
16. Заворот кишок
17. Drink My Blood
18. Аскаридоз
19. Обрезание тупым ножом
20. Зуд генитальный
21. Rectal Cancer (feat. Vaginal Cadaver)
22. Девушка испытала оргазм во время вскрытия (feat. Vaginal Cadaver)
23. Anal Fissures… (feat. Vaginal Cadaver)
24. Girls Watch Porn (Vaginal Cadaver Cover)

Schoolgirl Massacre​

Chainsaw Harakiri

1. Schoolgirl Massacre (feat. Vaginal Cadaver)
2. Parasitic Defloration
3. Pokéball Anal Beads
4. Soul Cockibur
5. Pettanko Pain Olympics
6. Gurofied
7. Kogal Cocksucker
8. Disemboweled Then Fucked

Vaginal Cadaver

9. Bloody Anal Sex
10. Cock Obsession
11. Gail Swallows And Your Girlfriend Should Too
12. Scene Girls Like It Rough
13. Human Toilet
14. Life As A Pornstar
15. Cum Dumpster
16. Penetrated By A Big Cock (feat. Chainsaw Harakiri)

Slut With Deep Throat


1. Vaginita Vaporu
2. Chilaquiles en salsa menstrual 2
3. Infame CanibaloCoproMutilacion por Anorgasmia
4. Smegma Dance

Cerebral Hemorrhage

5. Morbosa desmembracion
6. Incubation of the Grub
7. Semen Dried
8. Compulsiva Hemorragia

Vaginal Cadaver

9. Good Whore
10. Stewardess Penetration
11. Gloves On Cock
12. Choking Fantasies


13. The Rabbit Bitch
14. Porno Slam
15. Booty Fucking Bounce
16. Premature Ejaculation

Sangrientosis Gastrointestinal

17. Morenita Cachonda Quiere Ir Al Entierro De Tu Mejor Amigo
18. Huele A Pescado Pero Sabe A Pollo
19. Pus Infeccioso
20. Ando Mas Caliente Que Una Laptob De 1996

Vaginal Erektus

21. Goredita
22. Zuziazpit
23. Grindkore De Mi Corazon
24. Un Dulce Recuerdo De Un Pedazo De Vagina De Una Abuelita Violada Y Mutilada En Fa Menor


25. Hongo Anal
26. Lo Que Me Sale De La Verga
27. Filereado, Asaltado, Violado Y Feliz
28. El Corrido Del Tío Juancho

BitGrindPornParty​-​Squad Vol. 1 (We´ve Come Only For Your Girls)​

Vaginal Cadaver

1. Sperm Snake
2. Abra Cadaver
3. Menstruation Animation

The Captain Kirk On LSD Experience

4. My First LSD-Trip
5. MILF-Hunter Pt 1
6. Into The Club (Dance’n’Mosh)

2 Ways Of Sadistic Intents​

Anal Carnage

1. The Twisted Side Of The Human Mind (Intro)
2. Demons Of Schizophrenia
3. The Taste Of Her Lips
4. Nek-Romantik Pleasures
5. The Wailing And The Gnashing Of Teeth
6. El Senor Del Quaker

Vaginal Cadaver

7. BuKkake Bottom
8. Date With A Chainsaw
9. Bat Country
10. Blood Rage
11. Whats Up Pussy
12. Black To White
13. Masturbating Zombie
14. More Cock Hurts
15. The Last Fuck

Guro Gangbang​

Vaginal Cadaver

1. Fucked With A Chainsaw
2. Smells Like Putrid Vagina
3. Fistfuck No. 3
4. Save The Pigs
5. Girl With No Name
6. Chaos In Your Anus
7. Kame Hamea Bitch


8. Hashed Beef
9. The Sixth Doll’s Drawers
10. Tricycle Is Justice
11. My Mother Is Lolicon
12. Angel’s 61
13. Lemonade
14. Old Type Sukumizu
15. Ice Cream Cone
16. Incantation
17. Spinning Neck (Kots Cover)

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